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Diane Hope is a freelance audio producer & sound recordist. She specializes in productions for web, radio & film, as well as museum audio guides. Recent clients have included: BBC Radio, local NPR, the Australian Broadcasting Corp & a major London-based film sound effects studio.


Services offered:

- location recordings for film, tv etc - especially ambient & wild life

 - radio program and podcast development & production

- museum installations and audio guides

- digital sound editing

-script rsearch & consultancy

 Equipment: Sound Devices Series 7 digital field recorder; SQN 4S Series IV stereo mixer; selection of mics including Rode NT4 stereo mic, Sennheiser MKH418S stereo shotgun, Danish Pro Audio 4060 mini-stereo omnis, DolphinEar Pro hydrophone; Telinga Parabolic. Digital sound editing software including Adobe Audition, Sony Vegas and Sound Forge.


 Testimonial from Pez Andrews, London-based sound engineer who Diane has collaborated with on BBC Radio projects:

 "I am giving a workshop on the use of stereo to journalists at BBC World Service. Would you mind if I played them a bit of your material? Those pieces I worked on with you still stand up as some of the best-sounding in my portfolio. And that's entirely down to your recordings." 

BBC Radio producer Victoria McArthur commented on Twitter recently about location recordings I did for one of her programs:  

"That was a really lovely recording Diane, thank you. I didn't want to cut a single minute!"


Twitter: @dihope7