Photo by Frank Kraljic

Photo by Frank Kraljic

Audio Production/Location Sound

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A former environmental scientist Diane developed a love for audio over 10 years ago. She makes features for BBC Radio, local NPR & Australian Radio National, works with independents such as Alan Hall, Matt Thompson & most recently Pez Andrews for the Creative Audio Unit of Australian Radio National. She produced museum audio guides, educational podcasts & records location sound for tv & movies.


Sound Kit includes:

Sound Devices series 7 digital record & 4-channel mixer

Sennheiser, Rode & Danish Pro Audio mics, hydrophones & a Telinga parabolic

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Diane has recorded in a wide range of environments - from the deserts of the US southwest, while crossing the Andes on horseback, to the rain forests of Panama ... and the urban jungle of Shanghai.

You can read an interview with Diane, detailing some of the her recording adventures & what equipment she uses at:


“I am giving a workshop on the use of stereo to journalists at BBC World Service. Would you mind if I played them a bit of your material? Those pieces I worked on with you still stand up as some of the best-sounding in my portfolio. And that’s entirely down to your recordings.”

— Pez Andrews, sound engineer at & producer of The Sound of Sport 

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Night time by the Huangpu River is a great time to hear some of Shanghai's signature sounds.

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